Pacific Northwest Sculptor, Dennis Bask

We are honored to feature Dennis Bask at our gallery; an amazingly talented sculptor hailing from the Pacific Northwest.   He achieved his masters in art and 3-D design at Washington State University and has honed his talents to be able to visualize the possibilities within the solid slabs of marble and stone from which he forms his pieces.  Painstakingly rendered, his sculptures bring to life the ethereal beauty of his subjects.  His favorite materials to employ are marble, alabaster, soapstone, travertine, onyx, as well as Continue reading

David Varnau: Inspiration in Bronze

Profile Pic-David Varnau sm

Born and raised in rural Indiana, David Varnau grew up appreciating the lyrical in nature all around him.  A wide-eyed, nature child, he developed an eye for the subtle and sometimes striking beauty of everyday moments and encounters in his environment.  While pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Loyola University of Chicago, Varnau found himself fascinated with watching people of all ages and races in a large urban center and was intrigued by the language of the body as it expressed the range of human emotions.

“My decision to spend a year abroad in Rome during my junior year stimulated a lifelong love of classical sculpture. Then, upon  completion  of  my  degree, my work in psychology as a rehab counselor provided me with valuable insights into the vulnerable side of human nature.”

While receiving post-baccalaureate training in the field of prosthetics at UCLA, Varnau gained an in depth education in human anatomy and movement.  This launched a rewarding career of serving amputees for more than 35 years and Continue reading

Michael Correll, Art Bells

Mike Correll and his bells, 2015For over 30 years, Mike Correll has worked to create unique and beautiful art bells, ideal for garden areas, patios, courtyards… anywhere needing that extra special touch.

These unique bells are crafted from recycled steel tanks by Pacific Northwest artist Michael W. Correll.  A variety of designs are featured on the face of the bell, including serene Japanese Kanji symbols.  Some bells incorporate a different design for both the front and back for 360 degree visibility and versatility. The designs are executed in stainless steel, while the bell body is finished with a very durable baked-on powder coat.

The bells average Continue reading

Vintage Birds by Pam Taylor

Home Sweet Home~

Pam Kueny Taylor is a mixed media artist living on the beautiful Whidbey Island; just a hop, skip and a jump from our little town!  She has been creating works of art as long as she can remember.  As a child, she would spend endless hours painting rocks, beading, drawing, or building things out of everyday objects.

As an adult, her passions have been glass work, copper sculptures and wood working.  She found that the world of Alternative and Steampunk art drew her in more than any other, so she gave it a try. These bird creations are the result.  They incorporate many of the elements that she has always loved through her many years of creating.

Most of the birds are vintage, hand carved, and hand painted.  Many of the fine details Continue reading


Richard Satava was introduced to glassblowing in 1969 while at Ocean High School in Pacifica, California.  He subsequently studied art and glassblowing at the College of San Mateo and California State University, Chico.  Since establishing his own glass studio in Chico in 1977, he continues to create art glass that captures the beauty and wonder in nature, from the ocean to the mountains.  Satava designs and creates each one of a kind piece, all from glass that he has formulated and made himself.  Through his own exclusive color formulas he is able to create rich arrays of colors by blending various metallic oxides such as silver, cobalt, selenium, cadmium, and others into the molten glass.  Widely known for Continue reading


Celebrated sculptor Tim Cotterill, known as “The Frogman”, found his creative calling after moving to California in 1990.  His whimsical bronze frogs with their sought-after colors are his unique vision, and capture his love of life philosophy.  Years of technical and metalworking expertise gained in his British birthplace have perfected his artistic endeavors.

“Frogs are fun creatures!  I have tried to capture their individual spirit, their fun, and their joy.  Life is fun!  I hope my art brings more happiness and joy into your life.”

~Tim Cotterill

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Oil Barrel Sculptures

Think Outside is a wonderful company that believes in sustainability and green initiatives.  Founded by Australian artist Aaron Jackson, these whimsical animals are made from repurposed oil barrels found in Vietnam.

 “It is an eclectic range of handmade sculptures that is full of fun and character. 100% derived from 44 gallon drums it gives a fresh new look to recycling. “(These sculptures say…) I am fun loving and carefree, I am designed to withstand the elements. I will weather and age in style as all of us should! Enjoy me …”

We hope you will love these wonderful critters as much as we do.  They are open for adoption and are Continue reading

Fountains by Design

“I started my career as an artist by the chance encounter with the world famous sculptor Hans Van De Bovenkamp. While employed by Hans as his assistant I learned about metal crafting and excelled at it rapidly. I have always had creative talents in my life, but the metal work and particularly the fountains became my passion.

David Perlman
Over the last 17 years I feel like I have discovered a new freedom of expression in my creative endeavors. I have been blessed with opportunity after opportunity to create new work.

My career as an artist has not been without its struggle. I have stuck with this path through times of adversity and times of elation. I can tell you from experience the path of the artist is a bumpy one, but one that should be traveled by all who are inclined to it.  To have the liberty to create something new; to touch someone through the gift of creation in whatever form, feels like one of the highest human achievements.

Over the years I have encountered so many loving positive people, from my clients to passersby on the Internet or at shows. I truly believe that my success as an artist has grown from all of your good wishes, and I wish the same for all of you.May peace prevail on earth as we all learn to live from our hearts.

Best Wishes,

David Perlman, Feb 2008″

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