Richard Spink: Metal Artist

In the beautiful setting of towering trees, coastal lowlands, and cascading water, inspiration abounds for Dick Spink, an engineer-turned-artist, born and raised in Mt Vernon, Washington, just outside the historical town of La Conner. After graduating from Washington State University in 1985 with degrees in Industrial Engineering and Education, he founded the

Dynatrax Corporation: a complete marine architecture design company, specializing in aluminum vessel design and supplying vessels to the global marketplace. Dynatrax boasts two hundred twenty five vessels built annually in Botswana Africa, with ongoing projects in Kazakhstan, Chile and the Marshall Islands. He is a licensed Private Pilot and Coast Guard Captain.

Dick Spink has also been an active Amelia Earhart researcher since 2010, and currently gives lectures and films documentaries on this fascinating subject.

Staying near his roots, Dick is a part time instructor at Mt Vernon High School, teaching Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Composites, and Metal Technology Manufacturing. These skills directly inform his artistry for metal wall art and sculptures, both for indoors and out. He has styles ranging from elegantly polished to whimsically rustic, perfect for your home or garden.

Please feel free to stop by Courtyard Gallery to see these art pieces in person!  Give us a call, or send requests for more information, including pricing, via our  Contact Form.

An Original Spink Creation: a Dragon Fire Pit!

**As always, click on a photo below to begin the slide show!


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