Randal Leek, Wood Art Sculpture

The inspiration for Randal’s work comes from shapes and textured surfaces found in nature, refined in art by precise edges contrasting with the untouched roughness of exposed weathering of forms often found on the shores of Puget Sound and in the forests of the Cascades.

Randal Leek is an engineer by education and a wood worker at heart. He received his M.S. Engineering degree from Washington State University and has worked overseas for 20 years in humanitarian assistance (UNICEF, UNHCR, CARE, Save the Children UK, IRC) in Sudan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Albania, India, Pakistan, and most recently in Afghanistan (Dept of State). He has been the featured artist in the December 2017 issue of Yakima Magazine and his sculptures have been exhibited in the U.S. Embassy in Kabul and in galleries in La Conner, Ellensburg, and Yakima, where he now resides.

His sculptures capture the nature of the tree from which they came, including the natural grain and life-earned blemishes within. Some of the spectacular material used in his pieces were found in the deserts and mountains (and local markets) of Sudan, Afghanistan, Gabon and Thailand, expressing their aged, dried, and weathered essence.

I continue to be completely mystified by the spiritual aspects of nature. The essence of wood and of my work in sculpture is this appreciation and celebration of nature as represented in my pieces. I grew up on Puget Sound with family outings to the Cascades and later, mountaineering and skiing. Eventually my humanitarian assistance work took me abroad to Somalia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Albania, India, Pakistan, Sudan and, finally, Afghanistan for three years with the Department of State. Collecting and shaping wood and other natural objects have always been a fascination and only within the last ten years have I really considered seriously that I could produce fine art through my love of nature. It is this celebration of polished wood grains- its texture and contrasts and character- that is the joy of wood sculpture. It is an elicitation of wonder and memorial of the tree lived and died, but continues as a kind of joy; even as an expression of love for nature.

-Randal Leek


These amazing pieces of art would be an unforgettable addition to your home or work collections!  Please stop by the shop, give us a call, or send requests via our Contact Form.

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