Brad Burzynski, Glass Artist

In 1999 Seattle, WA glass artist, Brad Burzynski, was given a Christmas gift that would change his life forever. His wife had hung a mysterious red envelope from the Christmas tree. In it was a gift certificate for glassblowing classes. From the moment he stepped into the hot shop, he was hooked.

Brad Burzynski, Oct 2018Brad has continued to pursue and improve his skill at this ancient craft through courses at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle Glassblowing, and Uptown Glassworks. He is also a member of the Renton Art and Glass Co-op. His work has been displayed in art galleries and at events throughout Washington state and Italy. He passionately supports local charities with his talents, including Pilchuck Glass School, Schmitz Park Elementary, West Seattle High School, and numerous other local non-profit organizations.

As an avid fisherman, Brad is inspired by the natural beauty abundant in nautical environments. He loves creating jellyfish, starfish, and float balls in a variety of colors and sizes. He also has a passion for making colorful bowls and platters that are both functional as well as eye-catching.

I am thrilled to be a part of Courtyard Gallery!  They represent an amazing team of artists with an incredible level of skill and passion. It’s quite exciting to be asked to share my art through this creative endeavor.

I hope you enjoy the gallery and that you find some special pieces of art glass that speak to you!

-Brad Burzynski

Each piece Brad creates is blown and shaped without the use of molds, then signed for authenticity.

These amazing pieces of glass art would be simply gorgeous for your home or work collections!  Please stop by the shop, give us a call, or send requests via our Contact Form.

**As always, click on a photo below to begin the slide show! 😉



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