Ken Scott: Metal Artist

These beautiful pieces of metal wall hangings have been designed, engineered, and produced by Kenneth Scott in his studio along the banks of Oregon’s wild and scenic McKenzie River.

In this natural setting of towering trees and cascading water, inspiration abounds for brilliant and gracefully articulated wall sculptures. The scope of his work is all inclusive, with panoramic landscapes and intimate vignettes of creatures in the wild. Indeed, Ken finds inspiration in nature everywhere; from the drama of crashing oceans waves to the peace of meandering mountain streams.

Ken’s innovation and dedication to the medium of metals since 1970 has earned him a respected reputation both public and private, not only in the field of wall hangings, but also in the world of bronze castings (some of which are monumental).  An examination of the work will demonstrate the artist’s dedication to excellence in design and craftsmanship. Each piece bears his signature.

The works are skillfully and carefully produced, using techniques first developed in Ken’s studio… and emulated by artists around the country. The composition and balanced beauty of the designs reflect years of experience and a heartfelt relationship with nature. The fact that the work is widely sought after confirms Ken’s skill and talent as an artist in metals.

It pleases me to know that the heart finds the art, and the art finds a home!

Please feel free to stop by Courtyard Gallery to see these beautiful pieces in person!  Give us a call, or send requests for more information, including pricing, via our  Contact Form.

See the textures and layers, and how each of the pieces reflect the light!

**As always, click on a photo below to begin the slide show!


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