Richard Satava was introduced to glassblowing in 1969 while at Ocean High School in Pacifica, California.  He subsequently studied art and glassblowing at the College of San Mateo and California State University, Chico.  Since establishing his own glass studio in Chico in 1977, he continues to create art glass that captures the beauty and wonder in nature, from the ocean to the mountains.  Satava designs and creates each one of a kind piece, all from glass that he has formulated and made himself.  Through his own exclusive color formulas he is able to create rich arrays of colors by blending various metallic oxides such as silver, cobalt, selenium, cadmium, and others into the molten glass.  Widely known for his brilliant red, rich blues, metallic blacks, and aquatic looking blues and greens, his creations are sought after all over the world. Each piece is blown and shaped without the use of molds, then signed, dated, and numbered for authenticity.

  • His iconic Moon Jellyfish sculpture has a beautiful ethereal translucent dome. Under the dome is a brown and gold band with an array of colorful tendrils descending from within.
  • The Passion Moon Jellyfish sculpture is a beautiful depiction of a jellyfish with a delicate translucent blue and purple ribbing.
  • Both the Pacific Coast and Gold Ruby Jellyfish sculptures feature a beautiful translucent orange or fuchsia ribbed dome. Under the dome is a brown and gold band with an array of delicate, colorful, wispy, floating tendrils.
  • The stunning Double Passion Moon Jellyfish sculpture has a depiction of two intertwining Passion Moon Jellyfish. Both have a delicate translucent blue and purple ribbed dome, under which is a brown and gold band with an array of tendrils descending in colorful, thin wisps. The sea bottom is covered in numerous barnacles and sea anemones.
  • The Petroglyph Basket Vases depict schools of fish (13″ & 8″), as well as a 10″ vase with numerous petroglyph images, all done in varying shades of brown, on top of a golden fumed, honey and brown background, in a form resembling a Native American basket.  The top is finished off nicely with a black and silver wrap.  The interior is a clear red, which when lighted from above give a beautiful warm glow.

These amazing pieces of glass art would be simply gorgeous for your home or work collections!  Please stop by the shop, give us a call, or send requests via our Contact Form.

**As always, click on a photo below to begin the slide show! 😉


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