Fountains by Design

“I started my career as an artist by the chance encounter with the world famous sculptor Hans Van De Bovenkamp. While employed by Hans as his assistant I learned about metal crafting and excelled at it rapidly. I have always had creative talents in my life, but the metal work and particularly the fountains became my passion.

David Perlman
Over the last 17 years I feel like I have discovered a new freedom of expression in my creative endeavors. I have been blessed with opportunity after opportunity to create new work.

My career as an artist has not been without its struggle. I have stuck with this path through times of adversity and times of elation. I can tell you from experience the path of the artist is a bumpy one, but one that should be traveled by all who are inclined to it.  To have the liberty to create something new; to touch someone through the gift of creation in whatever form, feels like one of the highest human achievements.

Over the years I have encountered so many loving positive people, from my clients to passersby on the Internet or at shows. I truly believe that my success as an artist has grown from all of your good wishes, and I wish the same for all of you.May peace prevail on earth as we all learn to live from our hearts.

Best Wishes,

David Perlman, Feb 2008″

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